Autumn Serendae CD


Tommy Gearhart - vocals, Paul Fowler - piano/fender rhodes, Dan Spanogle - bass, David Edwards - drums

"A strong blast of fresh air has been blown into these jazz chestnuts and evergreens with beautifully unique and interesting arrangements.  Tommy sounds fantastic!"        D. Milne - jazz critic

"Frank Sinatra meets Brad Mehldau in a jazz haus.  Are you kidding?!  I've been looking for a modern crooner who does his own thing.  Great ideas ... great phrasing ... great CD."      Sven Ober - Germany

"His voice is so very cool and smooth! I love this CD!"   B. Theilman Cincinnatti, OH - CDbaby

"This CD was a refreshing exploration for the jazz expert interested in something new and energetic, and the person just finding the world of jazz, alike.  The CD reminds the listener that he's not wandering around in a nostalgic time warp, but rather brings us all back to a pure, clean, comforting genre of music.  From a hard rat-a-tat edge to a warm, mellow feel, Mr. Gearhart entertains while paying homage to greats that came before him with this wonderful compilation of songs.The ease with which he blithely skips through genres and blurs them without strain recalls the chameleon sensibility of artists of a different era.If his style is an offshoot of the Sinatra mode of jazz singing his voice is strong and confident, his phrasing innately rhythmic.  Playful, charming and a good storyteller, Gearhart makes the listener feel as though he is experiencing a live jazz/blues masterful performance with this CD release."                  T. Stevens Denver, CO - CDbaby